Interaction Process
For Pre Primary School
(Grade Nursery to Senior KG)

There are no entrance exams only interaction with parents.

For Cambridge Secondary 2
(Grade 9 and 10)

The students must secure 60% in the entrance test done at NIS and also submit the following:

  • An application for their candidature and explain in brief their extracurricular and community service activity.
  • A letter of recommendation from two teachers of the last school.
  • Students will have to participate in an Orientation Interview.
For Primary School
(Grade 1 to 5)

There are no entrance exams only interaction with parents and child.

Though, the student's prior knowledge is assessed through a session with the HOD.

For Cambridge Secondary 1
(Grade 6 to 8)

The student will have a written assessment of 1.5 hours comprising of English, Mathematics and Science.

The student will also have to complete a self-assessment paper of half an hour. There is no fixed syllabus for any of these written assessments.

They are based on the student's prior knowledge. The topics related to the assessment will be informed a week prior.


The school has decided to admit students from varied curricula. The assessment will act as a tool to help the school to learn and understand the student's ability onwards Language, Reasoning, Logical, Analytical and Application aspects.

This will also enable us to design effective strategies to plan the schedule and guide students to target the competencies and skills they seek effectively. So the exam conducted at the time of admission is not a deciding factor for admission but a tool to understand better the student requirements.

This will also help the school to better prepare the students for the IGCSE requirements.

Admissions Policy