A place to reconnect with my alma matter

Nahar's Celestial Cluster

Once our students graduate from the institution, it is gratifying to see them spread their wings to become trailblazers, innovators, and change-makers wherever they end up in the world. Whether they are authors, educators, scientists, filmmakers, musicians, or politicians, our NIS alumni network spans the globe.

The NIS Alumni Association plays a pivotal role in connecting former students with one another, regardless of where they are in the world. This association is dedicated to strengthening the enduring bond that alumni share with the school and with each other. Through reunions and networking events, we have the opportunity to reconnect, share our experiences, and continue to support one another on our respective journeys.

Over the years, NIS has also thoughtfully organized exclusive alumni sessions where past students return to share their honest and unfiltered university experiences. These sessions provide current students with a realistic view of what to expect in college life, moving beyond the idealized notions often portrayed in movies. Topics covered in these sessions range from essential life skills like cooking to the importance of punctuality, ensuring that NIS graduates are not just academically prepared but also well-equipped for the practical challenges of adulthood.

As one alumna shares, "Alumni Day sees past students reunite with their alma mater, sharing anecdotes and insights from their university experiences." At the last alumni event, a recent NIS alumnus who now attends a prestigious university overseas recalled, "Before I stepped into university, I had a rather cinematic view of what awaited me. But reality soon set in. Believe me, getting into a good university from Nahar International School is the easy part; adapting to a self-reliant life is an altogether different ballgame."

NIS's ethos resonates in every nook and cranny of its establishment. Be it the spaces for deep introspection or the lively cafeterias, the message is clear, to produce not just erudite scholars but compassionate global citizens. At NIS, students with their discernible confidence, epitomize an education that seamlessly merges textbook knowledge with worldly wisdom, ready to make impactful global contributions.

We invite all NIS alumni to join the NIS Alumni Association today. It's an opportunity to expand your personal NIS network and become part of an inspiring community of fellow alumni. Together, we can continue to celebrate our achievements, support one another in our endeavors, and carry forward the values and traditions that make NIS a truly exceptional institution.

Click here to join- https://www.almashines.com/ni_school