AIM : Infinity

We believe every child is a gift of God, born into this world with his or her very own unique strengths and human frailties. Each tender mind is filled with an amazing sense of curiosity, boundless energy to explore, an immense capacity to learn, and the ability to absorb all that is in the environment around.

At Nahar International School, we aim to provide a seamlessly stimulating surrounding that is both welcoming and embracing, yet, challenging and testing; allowing children to explore their full potential, find their calling and develop into well-rounded personalities ready to meet the future, imagine the impossible, reach for the infinite.

Nine attributes of NIS

To have a profound respect for all life and all positive attitudes that promote ideal living.


To have a sense of duty that binds one to the course of action demanding the completion of a task or goal; to have a sense of answerability about one's conduct.


To be non-discriminatory with regards to people, actions and environments; to ensure justice and truth in all one's efforts, without fear or desire.


To be able to be strong in the face of pain, challenge, difficulty or a fearful situation, and to have the confidence to move forward with this spirit.


To be able to identify with and understand what another person is feeling or experiencing, to comprehend the experiences and perspectives that shape them and to allow this to help form a deeper, more informed and fairer opinion of them.


To not give up, despite difficulty or delay in achieving success, to have the tenacity to persist in a course of action in spite of obstacles with much effort and belief in one's capabilities.


To possess the ability to recover after being strained with difficulties.


To have the readiness to embark on a bold new plan or venture, showing a willingness to take charge and get things done, as well as take responsibility, without needing to be told what to do.


To work towards a common goal in harmony, using cooperation and effective communication to succeed.