AIM : Infinity

At NIS, we believe that every tender mind is filled with an amazing sense of curiosity, boundless energy to explore, an immense capacity to learn, and the ability to absorb all that is in the environment around.

We aim to provide a seamlessly stimulating environment that is both welcoming and embracing, yet challenging and testing, allowing children to explore their full potential, find their calling, and develop into well-rounded personalities ready to meet the future, imagine the impossible, and reach for the infinite.

Nine attributes of NIS

A profound respect for all life and positive attitudes that promote ideal living.


A sense of duty and answerability for one's conduct and actions.


Non-discriminatory attitudes, ensuring justice and truth in all endeavors.


Strength in the face of challenges, demonstrating confidence to move forward.


Understanding and identifying with others' experiences, fostering fairness and deeper understanding.


Tenacity and determination to persist despite obstacles and difficulties.


The ability to recover and bounce back after facing challenges.


Readiness to embark on new ventures, taking charge and showing responsibility.


Working harmoniously towards common goals, employing effective communication and cooperation.