NIS supports its students to achieve more than they may have thought possible through our shared commitment to personalised learning enhanced with unique global opportunities. When combined with the outstanding teaching in our school, and partnerships with world-leading organisations such as Cambridge International and the IB, your child will succeed, thrive and enjoy learning with us.

  • NIS offers an outstanding education, preparing children for a future of increasing cross-cultural interdependence.
  • NIS mirrors and promotes international and inter-cultural understanding.
  • NIS encourages and celebrates diversity in its individual, cultural and national manifestations.
  • NIS encourages awareness of global issues, and encourages students to understand the importance of international co-operation in successfully addressing them.
We are ambitious
for children

We believe there is no limit to what every student can achieve - academically, socially and personally.

Our school will encourage your child to reach for their dreams and try something new in every aspect of their education.

Thinking Beyond
Traditional Education

Our approach to learning is built on one core belief: We want children to achieve their potential and even go beyond. We embrace innovative approaches to ensure that children thrive and flourish as individuals.

We take the time to discover their passions, and tap into their strengths. Our small classes mean that our teachers can devote time to every child, and our flexible approach to learning allows them to adapt to each student's needs.

We nurture confident, creative citizens with a thirst for knowledge and the vision to change the world for the better.

A personalised

Our school offers a personalised approach to learning, right across the curriculum, enhanced with unique global opportunities to help children achieve academic, social and personal success.

Exceptional place
to learn

Children love coming to school. Our family of more than 900 students constantly explores new cultures and discovers new ideas, so that they can embrace opportunities anywhere in the world.

NIS offers an outstanding experience, with skilled teachers, unrivalled opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities.

Parent Teacher
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