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Day care at NIS

Nahar International School takes pride in its high-quality day care facility located on its campus in Andheri East, Mumbai (Chandivali near Powai). Our play school and pre-school in Andheri provide a wide array of day care packages & services, making it the ideal choice for parents looking for quality care and babysitting. Experience the services offered by the best day care centre in Andheri East today!

  • Our Day Care School in Mumbai believes that it takes a village to raise a child.
  • We aim at nurturing each child in a warm, loving and supportive atmosphere with quality care.
  • As the best day care centre in Andheri East, we ensure that our child care services are certified, secured & hygienically maintained.
  • Nahar International School's Top Day Care Centre in Andheri East offers multiple opportunities for toddlers to thrive at their own pace and have great experiences from a tender age.
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Allow us to show you how
we make this happen . . .

Becoming Independent

Children are initiated to follow a routine and participate in structured activities.

Children are guided to do daily chores and become self reliant.

Active learning

Children are guided to become resilient by attempting tasks without the fear of the outcome.

Activities are planned to develop creative, constructive and imaginative skills.

Activities are planned to enhance cognitive, gross and fine motor skills.

Space for social interaction

Children are initiated towards collaborating with peers.

Children are steered towards taking care of peers and asking for help when required.

Children are encouraged to share thoughts, ideas and listen to those of their peers .

Safe and secure environment

Children are taken care of by warm and loving caregivers.

Children are encouraged to show empathy.

Children have the freedom to explore in a child-friendly environment.

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Flow of the Day
  • Getting comfortable in casual clothes (changing uniform).
  • Special time (Dance, Music, Story, PE, library sessions).
  • Lunch in cafeteria where hot, healthy food is provided.
  • Midday sleep in Nap room.
  • Imagination and creative time in resource rooms.
  • Evening snack in cafeteria.
  • Play time – Gross and fine motor activities and games.
  • Dispersal.
Day Care in Chandivali
Day Care Center in Andheri East

This Home Away From Home Provides

Safe and hygienic infrastructure
  • Nap room - Individual child friendly sleeping arrangements for a midday sleep and individual storage space for personal items such as bedspread, comforters, soft toy/pillow, home slippers or slip-ons and extra set of clothes.
  • Cafeteria – Fully equipped kitchen for children to eat hot lunch, warm milk and evening snacks.
  • Medical room – Nurse available to cater to the medical emergency or needs of the children.
  • Clean and sanitized washroom – Nannies assist children to maintain proper personal hygiene.
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Enriched and Nurturing Environment

Resource rooms – Opportunity for the children to have fun and learn while exploring different areas and rooms

  • Pretend play room
  • Library
  • Sand play area
  • Water play area
  • Large and small equipment play area
  • Dance room
  • Story room
  • Music room
  • Activity room
  • Spacious area for games and physical activities
  • Age appropriate toys and learning equipment
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Our Programs

Children are welcomed from Monday to Friday
Program 1

12:30 to 6:00 pm

Program 2

3:00 to 6:00 pm

Day care closes at 6:00pm
Bus service available

Vacations & holidays

Summer vacations - June 1st- June 30th
Diwali break.
Christmas break
Holidays- Saturdays and other days mentioned
in the holiday list

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