Giving a platform to students to express their creativity and equipping them with a voice is crucial to the NIS philosophy. That is why in this pandemic stricken world and extraordinary circumstances we as a school have made tremendous efforts to stay positively connected.

The Hub of Acceptance, Collaboration & Creativity aka The HACC carries this very principle ahead. The HACC is a student council initiative that enables students to express themselves without any hesitation, showcase their talents and take a breather from their monotonous academic life. It is the perfect place to let the creative juices flow and appreciate and acknowledge different perspectives around us. Managed by an ambitious and multifaceted core team under the able leadership of our head girl, this initiative aims to form a connection between all students.

Despite the chaos in the world, as we present this initiative to you, we hope you stay positive and gain new insight as you browse through the work submitted by our very driven students.

- The Student Council.

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