advaith warrier - 8A
amey singhania - 8B
avanthika krishnan - 7C
ishna chaudhary - 7A
ria shetty - 6A

The painting that I have made depicts how I feel during the lockdown. Everybody is bored during these tough times and we are all running out of things to do. Everyone wants to go out and enjoy this summer break. Unfortunately, we can’t. I have come up with a solution for this. When I look at scenic paintings and pictures I try to imagine I am in that particular place. Painting is a medium that helps in expressing emotions and relaxes my mind.

This artwork is a tribute to the health care professionals who are working hard in this difficult time to save humanity. The health care professionals are the real superheroes and they are fighting a war on two fronts :
1. While making a vaccine2. Caring for those who are sick

The least we can do during such a time is stay at home and make their job easier.

This picture depicts lockdown through the eyes of not only our pet, but the pets of the society, the street dogs and cats. When people were going and coming regularly, there were some who were kind enough to show them some affection, give them food and water, and spend time with them. After the lockdown, these dogs and cats must be lonely and probably having a hard time finding proper nutritious food that they need. After all, they are all animals and just because they are not well groomed and live on the streets, doesn’t mean they don’t need the love and affection pets get everyday.

While I was creating the work below, I was thinking about the current situation of how the world is under lockdown because of coronavirus. Nobody can go anywhere, nobody can go to school, nobody can even take a step outside. The lock in my drawing represents how the earth is in lockdown and nobody can step out of their homes without having the fear. The mask upon my earth shows that even when we can go out to schools, offices and other places we will have to wear masks and gloves to protect us. I really hope that one day we have a key to open the lock in my drawing and set the world free once again.

This doodle is something I created to showcase the current scenario around the world. I wanted to show how people are surviving the lockdown ; it shows different people around the world. Every tiny character (the little monsters), in the doodle, expresses certain emotions that all of us have during this time. Some are in online classes, like the majority of us, while some are sleeping all day. In the background I tried expressing a better environment as it is one of the effects of the lockdown and it has never been this fresh outside. I really hope it lasts.

aarav rakesh - 9A

Woke up with a smile on my face, whipped away the blanket
Time just really flies by these days, reminiscing about the people we met.

Today situations have become so extreme.
An atmosphere of darkness surrounds us,
Venturing out of the house still remains a dream.
But with the luxury of not worrying about the morning bus.

It can be seen as the Grim Reaper’s touch or a blessing in disguise,
This free time can be a gift, only if you are wise.

Ignore the boys crying wolf in this day and age,
As they are pessimists and critics who don't care for much truth.
Pay your faithful helpers their full wage,
Do not try and be a counterproductive sleuth.


I sat looking at my phone,
Just sitting all alone,
As it drew my eyes nearer and nearer
It became clearer and clearer,
All that was left of me was the phone.


For two weeks we had no school,
And I thought it was all cool.
Everyday feels the same
But at least I’ve got my games.

Lots of time spent with mom and dad
It really isn’t that bad
The moments my family and I spent together
I shall remember them forever.

I really miss my friends, but thats okay
We keep in touch anyway.
I want to go out and get fit,
But then I'll need a medical kit.

Corona is a stubborn virus,
But I keep calm by listening to Miley Cyrus
My mom makes me tasty food
And that brings out my pleasant mood.

2020 you have been weird,
Till the time this ends I might have a beard.

mridini manivannan - 9B

The once busy streets,
But today lay bare, ask Earth
Where have humans gone?

The Reset Button
tia backliwal - 6A

Such a familiar word in our lives.
No one going out of town,
Animals taking the crown.

So many people in quarantine,
Now the world seems so clean.
But this isn’t going to last,
Soon it will be in the past.

The animals are claiming what we took from them,
They condemn,
What we have made of them.

But when lockdown ends,
We should make our amends.
With nature and animals,
And all we didn’t respect.

We must introspect,
What we have stripped from them.
We must give them back their gems,
Which we have stolen from them.

aditi dahat - 6C

During this dark day,
All is in dismay
What can I do,
When all I wish to do is move.
I feel trapped in a cage,
In this dark age.
We will look upon this nightmare,
When we were in our lair,
I do nothing everyday,
But, hey, it’s okay.

aryan sethi - 9B

I would wake up every day and have nothing in mind.
While making my bed I would ruminate,
there must be something to do, that I can find.
Alas! I failed to set my goals, how unfortunate.

It came to where I laid in bed for days.
I would only leave my room to eat,
I feel this was my defeat.
Yet I didn’t lose my buoyancy,

At nights our family would sit,
we would play board games for hours.
And earlier would devour,
the delicacies prepared.

We would end our day on a happier note,
I guess it wasn’t isolation after all.
We may not visit the mall,
and play sports.

But we are gifted to have this time,
where we can work on our goals.
Where we can spend time with our family
And most importantly ourselves.


kazmaira sharma - 7A

I sit looking through my window
Hoping one day, we will be free to go

Just looking at the sky and feeling blue
‘Cause i have got nothing much to do

I see birds flying and living their lives
But i just want to survive

Keeping hygiene is all that matters
No teachers telling us to stop our chitter chatter

I can't believe it, but I have started missing school
Also the homework which I thought isn't cool

Me and my friends call each other but that's not enough
This lockdown is taking over us and it's really tough

I don't see a car or even a bus
Just trying to keep away the coronavirus

Life during lockdown
nimisha goenka - 6A

Life during lockdown is very boring
All we end up doing is eating and snoring.
I hear the sound of silence as still as night
Covid has now become a major fight.

This quarantine can be fun
The lockdown has just begun.
Maids are now a distant dream
Families have to work as a team.
I used to hear people busily buying food,
But now families are spending time lightening their mood.

For us, doctors are working day and night
Please try and understand their plight
So, before leaving your home think twice.

aditya chatterjee - 6A

A virus has brought the World to its knees,
It is there for the entire human race to see.
Covid-19 is what it is called,
It has us locked within our four walls!

This lockdown has made us realize,
It is important to step back once in a while.
And if you help someone who has nothing on their plate,
You are truly, truly, truly beyond great!

This Lockdown has also cast its sunny rays,
And helped the environment in many ways.
For, while we are sad that we can’t run around playing,
We must acknowledge that pollution is indeed fading.

And when I am scared, lonely, grumpy or sad,
My family will stop at nothing till I am glad.
It can be dancing, painting or art,
Some days I might be doing a role part.

For when times are rough and hard,
We will find the solution in unexpected parts.
If we stay clean and maintain hygiene,
We can push back the boundaries of Covid -19.

jeet mukherjaa - 7A

I sit here at home contemplating what to do,
As we enter the lockdown for the fourth time,
At this point it's school I rue,
Stepping outside is like a crime.
My family around me is just as bored,
I wait endlessly for lockdown to end,
We think it’ll end but there’s only more,
For our own deeds we are making amends.
We shouldn't go around playing the blame game,
Since the problem we face is the same,
Let’s get rid of this situation,
By doing so we’ll reach our desired destination.

kimaya gupta - 7C

The world has come to a standstill like never before
With no cars on the road and no planes in the sky
The chirping birds don’t hide anymore
And freely dance the butterfly

The virus has us all scared
With the news read by you and I
With all our groceries been delivered
Now from home everything we buy

Constantly we wash our hands
Willing the virus away
Keeping in touch with family and friends
And some games we play.

Locked inside is humankind
And outside roams the animal kingdom.

nysha sinha - 7A

Staring out the windows,
Watching the lockdown grow,
The schools are empty,
Most studying from home.

I miss their faces,
I miss their smiles
I miss my classmates,
Not going to lie.

Lockdown is limited, I agree,
There is nothing to do, quit literally
But now that we do have time, promise me
You will spend time with your family

Look after each other,
And please take care,
We will fight this disease
We will believe...

aavya muraka - 7A

Life under lockdown is honestly not as bad as I thought. I thought it might be absolutely horrible and I would die of boredom but the current situation is not even close to what I imagined.

This period of lockdown gives me a lot of time to pursue my hobbies. I can literally spend the whole day doing what I enjoy doing the most, like, art, playing the guitar, reading and baking. Along with that, I also get to learn different things that I have always wanted to do.

There are hundreds of courses on sites like Skillshare and Udemy, but, that’s just the start of how I use technology these days. Ofcourse, there’s Netflix and Youtube as well. Using Zoom, I also attend some classes online.

With us staying at home, there also come some really good things for the planet. There is such less pollution these days. The sunsets are so beautiful! This lockdown has also brought society together, I think. All of us know that every one of us is in this together.

Some of us think that life is hard right now, so do I when I’m bored. But, what about the people who are businessmen, migrant labourers or anyone that has to go out to earn? Now, their life is tough… their source of income has gone through a serious decrease, maybe even reduced to zero, and they are the ones struggling. But, it's not only them. There are doctors, policemen and nurses, who work long hours, putting their life in danger and working toward the good of the society. I know most of us do, but I think we should just appreciate all these people who are actually trying to make a difference…

To conclude, I’ll just say, this is a hard time for all of us, some more than others, but, we should always know that we are not in this alone, we are there for each other. We should use the time given to us well, by pursuing our hobbies and/or learning something we’ve always wanted to learn!

Life during Lockdown

Cars honking, people shouting at each other, autos and motorcycles revving up their engines, children screaming and shouting while at the society park. As I crossed the road to school everyday, I used to hear the sound of trucks and vans trying their best to push along the narrow roads, the BEST bus taking up the space of the whole road, and many more. These are the sounds that I miss hearing on a daily basis. Without even a slight hint, it has all changed now. The eerie silence in the outside world is startling to all of us. The cautious conduct, the fear thick in the air is certainly very new to me. Life during lockdown is very confining and one always yearns to move outside the house, even if one is usually an indoor person. The walls of the house restrict one from moving freely. The masks and gloves are now a necessity in our lives and going outside is almost like a taboo.

However, the lockdown isn’t all bad. The lockdown has given us a sense of peace. It has given us different methods of connecting with our friends and family. It helps us give ourselves some ‘me-time’ and it allows us to connect with those in other countries using the internet and other social media platforms. This lockdown has further taught us the basic etiquettes of personal hygiene ; something we should have followed earlier to avoid this catastrophe. Atmanirbhar Raho which is the motto of the Indian government’s anti-coronavirus activities, roughly translates to ‘self-reliant’ in english. This lockdown period makes us realise how dependent we are on our house helps, cooks, didis. It urges us to treat them with much more respect and dignity. Day in, day out we are learning and sharing recipes, ideas and so much more. Every tutorial on Instagram about making mug cakes, and every time we pick up the mop and start cleaning, we are a step closer to being independent.

This is also a recovery period for mother nature. With her main persecutors confined to their homes, nature is showing itself to us. We can hear the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, and animals are now returning to the cities which were their previous homes. Deers are trotting on the streets, peacocks are showing their magnificent colours in the streets of Delhi, dolphins are returning to the Ganges. It is truly humbling to see these animals return to their rightful homes.

Being away from our loved ones is sometimes what brings us closer to them and helps us understand each other better. This shows all of us how much we take the Earth for granted, how much we take our areas for granted. It is true, that this lockdown is an irksome experience for some, but introspecting leads us to realize that this lockdown is a blessing in disguise. We all should take these saddening times and use this lockdown to do something better and to better the lives of others. Life in lockdown may be a bit frustrating and restricting, but ;

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times only if one remembers to turn on the light” - Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Life during Lockdown & and its effects on our society
arunabh satpathy - 6B

It is no surprise that the national lockdown due to SARS-CoV-2 has had a considerable amount of effect on our society, for both the good and bad. Starting with the positive effects, one of the most notable of which would be how all of us have started relying on ourselves to do most of the work ; from cooking food at home when we usually would have ordered, to cleaning the whole house ourselves when a helper would have probably done it for us. Another constructive outcome would be that now we are a lot more mindful when it comes to wasting food as now it is a lot harder to buy groceries and essential items. However, the effects of lockdown extend far beyond our home. To start off, let me talk about the remarkable decrease in air pollution all over the world. Due to the decline in the amounts of PM 2.5 and other pollutants a scientist from Stanford has calculated that the lives of 77,000 people in China have been saved. I don’t know if you have noticed, but the skies have become a lot bluer and you can actually see stars in the sky at night ; In Jalandhar, Punjab, residents are actually able to see the Himalayas after 30 years. Delhi, the most air-polluted city in India, has also witnessed a drop in pollutants. In fact, the PM 2.5 levels in Delhi have dropped by 71%, along with nitrous dioxide levels, which is another pollutant. Water pollution levels have also dropped by a lot and fish are being seen quite frequently at the Varanasi ghat steps which used to be a rare sighting.

Moving on to the negative effects, even though there actually aren’t that many to count, one of them would be the increase in employee anxiety. As companies and firms are finding it harder to pay their employees, there is a possibility of them being made redundant. On top of that, it is also harder for many other people to earn their incomes as most jobs are restricted. Additionally, since our needs are unlimited and we have to buy resources constantly, the expenditure is increasing while the money output is decreasing.

In conclusion, if you manage to ignore the tiny chances of possible bankruptcy and the incredible level of boredom, the effects of lockdown really aren’t that bad.

CARPE DIEM - seize the day
Aryan Verulkar - 9B

There is no doubt that the pandemic we face currently will change people and in turn, alter the course of history. You would think that the virus targets our level of hygiene and safety, for which you would be correct. However, the impact of COVID 19 targets the very roots of what human societies are built upon. We see such a trend in the education sector all around the world.

In the 21st century, information and knowledge is key. And without ever sitting down and deciding we conventionally believe and agree that education is one of the quintessential pillars in our society. Unfortunately, we restrict education only to academics, even though extra-curricular activities are what differentiate candidates in colleges, jobs.

In the detailed study of the Academic Stress, Parental Pressure, Anxiety and Mental Health among Indian High School Students, the professors discovered that nearly two-thirds (63.5%) of the students reported stress due to academic pressure. Therefore, as more time is spent on studies we miss out on learning new life skills through different activities.

Now that schools are more or less over and the academic pressure is lowered, it is time we take action and upgrade ourselves with more skills. Students must participate in something unique to one-up their competition. Unfortunately, new data suggests otherwise. On an average, Indians spend 4 extra hours on social media platforms everyday. Therefore, it is our duty, as parents and students, to turn the tables and acquire new skills. To help you out, I have mentioned a couple of examples that could possibly encourage you.

For starters, I have taken a handful of Udemy courses on Investing and the Stock Market. Soon enough, I will start a certified Spanish course to get an edge over the current syllabus. Lastly, I have started working with an upcoming company to advertise and market their product. While self-development is key to a successful future, it is just as important to help the people around you and the ones that really need support. Thus, I am affiliated with an NGO that provides free food, groceries, and water for the needy and poor. My goal at first was to raise Rs.10,000 however, I have successfully raised Rs.50,000 and as a troop of nearly 70 kids, we have collected over 7 lakhs. Our efforts allow the NGO to provide additional food for the threatened hospital staff members also.

By giving you multiple examples and facts, I hope you realise that the lockdown is a way for us to improve ourselves, to expand our horizons and to think outside the box. Additionally, we must do our part in helping migrant workers, doctors, policemen,etc. There is no harm in trying, any result you get will only benefit YOU.

“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.”

ishaan nirvsarkar-9B

Dearest QoasterMaster Jr.,
The lockdown was supposed to end today. I tore up the post-lockdown to-do list I had made for this day, trying to forget what was supposed to be in store for me. The lockdown has changed me. It helped me live with insects a lot more easily. Yes, I am still stuck in the smelly, cockroach-infested apartment that just isn't’ large enough to fit a joint family. It made me realize that even introverts like me have to meet people at some time or the other. The morning started in a rather unusual way. Mom was on a call with a friend who told her she was lonely.

“I have some news for you”, dad started. I knew that the news was probably bad. It was. “The owner of this apartment is not allowing us to live here any longer. We have to move to another apartment.” Our own home has been under renovation for a while now so we’ve been forced to live in rented apartments.I looked at the pictures of the flat that we were supposed to move into. There was no bed, no television, no refrigerator, nothing. It was a desert without an oasis. Actually, it was no different from a prison.

Soon, I started to do some video editing for my upcoming youtube video. The lockdown has given me enough time to start a channel and post videos every three days! In some ways, I could consider this lockdown a blessing. With every video, I seem to improve with faster and better editing. After I edited the video to my heart’s content, I uploaded it.

Soon after lunch, I checked how many views my video had - 3. I was not happy with that number. I rewrote the title and the description of the video. Within seconds, the views (and likes) skyrocketed. I was thrilled when two more people subscribed to my channel after only a minute of the re-upload.

Satisfied, I began to focus on my studies. I met the daily study quota with ease. The subject I had to study today was Chemistry. Here's how I managed my study time today: After three hours of studying, I decided to take a break. I finished the rest of the quota in the late evening.

As soon as I was done I began shooting the raw footage for my next video. I am determined to finish this mini-series in less than two years, even if it means that I have to sacrifice 80% of my screen time every day. It’s worth it as the audience retention is between 90% and 100%, which just means that I have to upload at least two videos every week.

As you can see, I have dedicated a massive chunk of my time today to my youtube channel. I am doing so only because there really is nothing else to do nowadays since school is over. They have given us a couple of things to do in this lockdown - vacation, like the HACC project and of course - holiday homework. I am grateful for that.

If there is one thing I could wish for today, it would be to delay the rains. I would be horrified to see a downpour during the lockdown, knowing that if it happens, the lockdown would extend, people would die and I would not be able to leave the barren apartment till 2021.

I hope things improve soon, but I highly doubt they will.
- Ishaan.

manasi padalkar - 7B

A normal day in lockdown would go along the lines of - eat, sleep and repeat...and maybe a little bit of work. But when it is your birthday during such a period, then everything changes. Most people would be upset about their birthday during lockdown, but I was fine with it.

Even though my birthday was not celebrated in a grand way, it was filled with fun. Since I love eating, my mother made my favorite dishes for every meal. In the evening, my family, my neighbors and I played a lot of games. We also watched movies ALL night. True, I couldn’t meet my friends physically, but we met virtually on a screen. With all the online games we played during the video call, it was like a birthday party...except it was virtual.

These days, I try being as productive as possible and I try spending a lot of time with my family. I often paint, explore my creativity, try eating healthy and work out. These are the few things that keep me going during this lockdown phase.


Tuesday, 12th MAY, 2020.
Dear Diary,

Today has been another day at home. These days, “going to school” has become almost parallel to “open up your laptop” and I think it's starting to get to me. Being under lockdown, I think, has taken away the fun of… I don’t know...Everything? Things have become dull without the opportunity to step outside and have fun, something that I always took for granted.

I watch the news sometimes, out of curiosity. I see that things are getting bad. They extended the lockdown, did you know? People are dying, and I hate to see it. But as bad as I feel for them, I can’t help but find myself thinking, ‘Thank the gods it wasn’t someone I know’ It’s stupid, I know, but you do tend to worry. The worst thing that could happen is that we run out of supplies, or Dad gets more cuts on his pay cheque. I’m just hoping it doesn’t come to that. I’ve kept everything crossed, fingers, toes, eyes…

On top of that, my birthday’s coming up, during lockdown! It’s horrible…I mean, I have been attending a few zoom parties online for some friends, but it’s not really the same as meeting up and honestly speaking, I hope I don’t have an online birthday, they feel … depressing.

On the bright side, our family is spending more time together. Dad has been learning to cook, which has been very…. let’s just go with interesting for now. We’ve learned card games like Solitaire, and my brother and I actually solved a puzzle! Which is strange as we used to hate them. My friends from school have kept well in touch. We video call every other day, which is something to look forward to, I suppose…

If you think about it, the lockdown has really brought people together and helped them prioritise and understand the value of their lives.

Or am I just spouting things from sappy greeting cards now ?

Yours truly,

siddharth varadaprasad - 6C

We all know about the situation currently. I am pretty sure that we share one thing in common today – boredom or idleness. Ah, what would I not give for a glimpse of light! However the current situation, unfortunately, is cruel and does not permit that. But here is a short summary which describes how I spend my time in these hard circumstances.

The secret, at least for me to get rid of my boredom, is to see the lockdown from a different angle. I believe every single circumstance has a bright side. I feel that the bright side to this event is the unlimited time we get to spend with near and dear ones, whether it is face to face or via the Internet through FaceTime, Skype etc. Ultimately, we cannot do anything to change this event. Fate will take its own course, but there shall always be a benefit for all of us.

Another thing which entertains me is watching the news. I feel that under these circumstances, it is very important to keep ourselves up to date and have some idea at least about the world around us and the sorrows and joys of people. One thing which I absolutely don’t let this pandemic come in the way of my studies. I always spend at least 30-40 minutes on core subjects like maths and science.

Let me also remind you all, my good friends, that such a carefree lifestyle has less than a five percent chance of coming once again, and I feel we should use it to the best of our abilities. Whether it is pursuing our respective hobbies or interaction with our well-wishers or friends (with social distancing of course). The British may seem to have made our lives miserable under their rule but we should thank them profusely for unitising our nation. In the same way, while the corona virus situation is quite miserable, it has given us a lot of time together.

Being a big fan of cars and trains, this pandemic has given me quite a lot of time to broaden my mind in these respective subjects. Though I must warn you friends, one thing I noticed is that I have been spending a lot of time on the screen these days due to more time available on my hands and I am going to change that.

Something which has been bothering me though and which I consider quite a big problem is exercise. The lack of fitness is really bothering me, but what I do which I think is also a valuable tip is to exercise indoors, example weight lifting in the form of lifting a full bag of clothes and depositing it in the washing machine, and also setting a time of 30 seconds to run say five rounds around the house and many other fitness experiments.

I would like to conclude this essay by saying that we should not give up and we must try to make the best of the circumstance we have on our hands and utilize the time given to us by this pandemic by spending it on various interests. I must say that I have just begun to appreciate this lockdown for the precious time it has given me. Don’t we often say that we want more time in our lives? Well here it is. It is all about grabbing the opportunity and utilising it in a purposeful way.

Stay home and stay safe.