Many parents share one common wish for their children: to have a carefree and happy childhood. But children, just as much as adults, can experience distressing times and go through rough patches. Children’s temperaments vary and thus they are quite different in their ability to cope with stress and daily hassles. Some are easy going by nature and adjust easily to events and new situations; others are thrown off balance by changes in their lives. When children are experiencing difficulties at home or in school their concentration and the way they behave can be adversely affected. We recognize that each child is unique with individual needs. To help children cope up with any difficulties we at NIS have set up a Student Wellbeing Department. The team has a Counsellor and Special Educator.

At NIS, the School Counsellor is the most visible and accessible professional help for young people within the school. The Counsellor is not just confined to her room; she visits the classroom frequently and interacts with children. She conducts age appropriate life skill sessions in the class to empower them to deal with any emotional and social issues. She also conducts psychological tests and provides intervention in the form of therapy as and when required.

We all have a deep yearning to be heard and listened to. This desire and yearning to express what is inside is even stronger in children. So our goal is to have counselling provision available to all children so that they can express their thoughts, feelings and concerns freely. Our Student Wellbeing Department gives children a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space through Counselling so they can build the strength to go through life’s uncertainties in a more positive way.

The Special educator identifies children who need assistance with academic difficulties related to reading, writing, memorizing, math etc and helps them in the school. She also screens children with learning difficulties using formal and informal assessments.

Mental Health Awareness Report, CLICK HERE